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Medical Marijuana Guide - 2007 Edition
By Rick Maughs

"God bless you and good karma spells success"
- Rick S. Maughs, Author

Attention all Medical Marijuana patients, Caregivers and supporters!
Rick's biography page has to be temporarily put on hold for these two special notice's to all of our Medical Marijuana patients and supporters! Supporters, Medical Marijuana patients & Caregivers alike read this very closely. Act now and do not let any more of our Medical patients State Rights be violated. Get your fliers printed up now! You can be and active part of this movement to stop violating medical necessity rights. Quick tip: Cargivers stay out of this lime lite, but do act by going to Kinkos and having a banner made up for your medical patient to display to these Jurors! " Kinkos will do a beautiful job you should see mine" I was the original person that wrote this script 6 years ago before I went on my 5 year vacation for the Fed's :). I want to take this moment to make a special thanks to the University students that took my banner to D.C. ( they are the true warriors of this script). Thank you Rocky Neil of Sac. State University. You are the finest true blooded Indian I have ever known and I love you brother!
Federal Jurors Told They Must Acquit Marijuana Defendants To Stop Convictions of Medical Marijuana Patients and Providers
WASHINGTON, DC -- As a growing number of medical marijuana patients and providers face federal charges, DC residents will protest the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) harassment of the seriously ill by informing jurors that the federal government has blocked all medical necessity defenses in federal marijuana cases. The jurors will be given leaflets as they report for jury duty at the Federal Courthouse at 3rd and Pennsylvania Avenue NW. [Attention Photo Desks: A large banner proclaiming “ACQUIT ALL POT CASES: It Could be Medical!” will be on display.] WHO: Metro DC Medical Marijuana Activists WHAT: Jury Education Direct Action on Medical Marijuana WHERE: In front of the Federal Courthouse on Pennsylvania Ave. between 3rd and 4th Streets NW

The protest is in anticipation of the arrival of a delegation of California medical marijuana patients, their families and federal jurors who have served on medical marijuana trials. Additionally, DC activists will elucidate the lack of federal recognition of the DC voter approved Initiative 59 which legalized marijuana for seriously ill people.

While President Bush will formally appoint Karen Tandy as the new DEA Administrator this month, medical marijuana activists are questioning the reasoning behind denying access to one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to mankind by arresting patients and providers. These patients and providers are then forced to endure lengthy trials with juries who are not informed of the medical necessity defense. This situation could change as U.S. Representatives Sam Farr (D-CA), Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), and Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) introduce the “Patients’ and Providers’ Truth in Trials Act” in Congress later this week, which will allow for a medical necessity defense.

"Potential jurors must know their power prior to going to court," anonynmous source, American University Students for Sensible Drug Policy. “Judges often refuse to tell jurors about their option to veto unjust or misapplied laws, and may even dismiss potential jurors who let the court know they're aware of this power, according to studies,” says this special lady.

"How can jurors dispense justice when the law they are instructed to apply is unjust?" asks Adam Eidinger, a member of the DC Statehood Green Party Steering Committee. According to Attorney Clay S. Conrad, an author who specializes in juries: "In every criminal case, jurors have a prerogative to acquit, whatever the evidence ... When a jury acquits because a conviction is unconscionable ... the government cannot retry the Accused, or appeal the decision."

U.S. juries have a proud and heroic tradition of standing up to tyranny and saying no to oppressive, unjust, or misapplied laws. No one has ever died from an overdose of marijuana and it has a wide variety of therapeutic applications: release from nausea and increase of appetite, reduction of intraocular pressure, reduction of muscle spasms, and relief from chronic pain.

U.S. Ninth Circuit Court Judge Alex Kozinski, in his 10/29/02 concurring opinion in the case of Conant v. Walters, wrote on page 22: The IOM Report found that marijuana can provide superior relief to patients who suffer these symptoms as a result of certain illnesses and disabilities, in particular metastic cancer, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis (MS), spinal cord injuries, severe Pain and epilepsy, and those who suffer the same symptoms as side effects from the aggressive treatments for such conditions. As a consequence, the IOM Report cautiously endorsed the medical use of marijuana."

152 members of Congress Who Voted For the Hinchey/Rohrabacher Amendment:

Preventing the Justice Department from Arresting Medical Marijuana Patients Write Your Member of Congress in Response to their Historic Vote!

We are finally seeing more Judges standing up for Medical Marijuana Rights! Thank You Judge Matz No Prison Time for Defendants in LA Cannabis Resource Center Case -- Judge Criticizes Prosecutors, DEA

California Highway Patrol Returns Medical Marijuana- Check out these Girls Medical Marijuana Pictures! Visit Eddy's multi-Denominational Chapel Of Medical Cannabis Garden. Eddy truely has some Beautiful Girls that he and others takes care of !!!

Montel Williams -Medical Marijuana: Illegal Drug or Medical Treatment Watch this movie... Montel has a big heart!!!

Keep Your Private Items Out of View. Read closely...

Rick truly believe that more Judges will stand up for Medical Marijuana Rights! How about these three Federal Judges! US: Wire: Federal Appeals Court OKs Medical Marijuana in Some Cases

Judge OKs medical pot for probationer
Concluding a daylong hearing Tuesday that was closely monitored by community corrections officials, Stone ruled that Teresa Hamel had not violated her probation when she smoked marijuana because the woman was a card-holding participant in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act program.

Police in many states often use the "knock-and-talk" method to gain entry into your home to obtain confessions. This method does not require a search warrant if the person gives consent for the search or agrees to answer questions. Patients are advised to not volunteer information or give permission for a search without contacting an attorney!!!

We added this Amber Alert ticker because of the new book we are currently publishing. LITTLE PEOPLE'S WORLD- I HAVE BEEN TRAINED TO IDENTIFY ABDUCTORS. Our new book will also feature Nick Frost as the editor!!!

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Medical Marijuana Patient Co-ops

These contracted caregivers are doing a wonderful thing for their patients.
These patients no longer have to go to the blackmarket for their medical cannabis...
A good caregiver never charges his patient for medication...

If the patient hits the lottery then the patient should help the caregiver for his cost to produce their medicine. If the patient appreciates what their caregiver is doing for them then they will help with the cost of the garden by making a donation...
If the patient is taking advanage of the caregiver then the caregiver should notify the patient with a certified registered letter that their contract is null and void and he will no longer be his / her caregiver...
If the caregiver is taking advantage of the patient then, the patient needs to notify the caregiver with a certified registered letter that he/she no longer wants that person to be their caregiver...

These types of contracts protect both parties... We have heard of many situations where the patient drops the caregiver without notifying the caregiver (the State resumes no responiblity to notify the caregiver if the patient has dropped them).
So to protect both parties, have a written contract with your patient and or caregiver to reduce the possibility of court costs...

In September of 2004 you will see a national T.V. court case in Judge Judy's court room unfold. (State Medical Marijuana Patient vs Caregiver) Neither parties had a contract.

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EDDIE JO's Medical Marijuana Co-op.
I have grown everything to the Medical Marijuana Guide 2004... It will teach you all of the tricks to keep your plant count down. If I can grow these monsters in this soil, then I must say that the Medical Marijuana Guide 2005 is the best guide in the world...
My brother EDDIE JO passed away on May 20th, 2005. I told him that caregiving could shorten his life and it did. My wife and myself begged to our very loved brother not to caregive again. His health was declining fast. Eddy had a massive heart-attack doing what he loved and wanted to do. He died a hero in has patients eye's. The sick people he helped never got charged any money for the medication he gave them...

These pateints only have two Medical plants each...
A beautiful Medical Marijuana Co-op

Good job guys...

God Bless You & Good Karma Spells Success.
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God Bless You & Good Karma Spells Success.
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© Copyright 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008 Rick S. Maughs