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Medical Marijuana Guide 2007 Has It All...

Rick wrote and published this book so that you can determine whether or not you qualify for the State Medical Marijuana programs. This book is a must for Caregivers and Patients who have the rights to have this important information on understanding the legal issues involved!

Richard Maughs is one of the finest growers in the world and he reveals his 26 years of growing experience, tips and tricks in this book. And his incredible real life stories are out of this world! In his bootlegging days, he became a legend in Northern California, slipping through the fingers of the law. In your complete Medical Marijuana Guide 2007 Rick will take you with him on this incredible journey and at the same time will sharpen your pencil and fine tune you on the Medical Marijuana Laws.

This is the only book ever written in the world about Medical Marijuana Laws. Rick spent 5 years in federal prison and spent over $100,000 in attorney's fees for growing medical marijuana. Why? He was out of the State guidelines... This book will prevent you from going through the same thing! Rick's book will educate you about these laws and show you how NOT to get in the same situation.. You must know the Federal, State and your county guidelines.

If you are going to be a caregiver or grow medical marijuana you need to read this book and know all of these laws! Rick and his incredible team helped 1,023 people get their cards in 2003 and over 3,000 people in 2004. We are really proud to let everybody know that 2005 was our best year over 6,000 card holders in our program for 2005. Whether you're a seasoned pro looking to expand your knowledge base, or you're just starting out... we've got it all for you - right here, right now - in this Phenomenal Guide that Rick published you will have the most incredible, up-to-date and constantly revised book ever written about Growing Medical Marijuana & Medical Marijuana Laws.


  • It is now legal to grow Medical Marijuana in 12 States within the United States at the State level. (We will make sure you know all of the FEDERAL LAWS). Just knowing that the Federal Laws trump the State Laws is an important part of these state ran programs. If Oregon issues you a permit from the State of Oregon, it is critical to the program that the patient stays in or under the state guidelines. The federal people are not out there causing any problem for these qualified medical cannabis patients that stay in or under the state guidelines. Every qualified patient must pay very close attention to this and not put these state programs in jeopardy. Sick people can grow small amounts of medicine... They no longer have to go to the black market and this in turn is phasing out the typical street dealers. These folks have been sucking money out of our Counties and States for years and many sheriffs are seeing a big change for the good in the communities that they represent.
  • In October 2003, the Supreme Court justices let stand a decision from October 2002 by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which held that doctors have a constitutional right to speak candidly with their patients about marijuana. "An integral component of the practice of medicine is the communication between doctor and a patient. Physicians must be able to speak frankly and openly to patients," the 9th Circuit said at the time.
  • Prior to 1937, at least 27 medicines containing marijuana were legally available in the United States. Many were made by well-known pharmaceutical firms that still exist today, such as Squibb (now Bristol-Myers Squibb) and Eli Lilly.
  • Court Grants Injunction Allowing WAMM Members to Grow and Use Their Medicine Landmark Judgment: Seriously Ill Patients of Santa Cruz Medical Marijuana Collective Protected From Federal DEA Raids Teleconference 3:30 PM PST, April 21 2004 Featuring Plaintiffs, Legal Team and Santa Cruz Elected Officials
  • A patient may grow their own plants, but if they can't, then they may designate someone else as their “Designated Primary Caregiver”
  • With the passage of modern Medical Marijuana Laws, voters and state governments have enacted over 150 drug policy reforms in 46 states. You will learn about all of these reforms through your complete Medical Marijuana Guide 2007.
  • Police in many states often use the "knock-and-talk" method to gain entry into your home to obtain confessions. This method does not require a search warrant if the person gives consent for the search or agrees to answer questions. Patients are advised to not volunteer information or give permission for a search without contacting an attorney. My book has hundreds of tips in it!!!
  • Around the nation, communities are denouncing the traditional "lock them up" approach to marijuana law enforcement. A recent Time/CNN Poll concluded that 73% of Americans do not support the arresting and jailing of responsible marijuana users. Large cities like Seattle, WA and San Francisco, CA, and smaller communities in Missouri, Maine, Nevada, Massachusetts, Washington, California, and Oregon have passed legislation relaxing penalties for responsible adult marijuana use at the local level. Today, tweleve states have passed laws that decriminalize the personal use of marijuana.
  • Change is in the wind. State legislatures are traditionally at the forefront of policy change. Policy change tends to be in stages, with the states dragging a sometimes kicking and screaming federal government resistant to change, and this is especially true in terms of Medical Marijuana. It increasingly seems that whether or not federal drug laws are reformed may be irrelevant, since states are reigning in the excesses of the War on Medical Marijuana regardless of what the federal government is doing. Since most Marijuana arrests occur at the state level, state reforms are having a huge impact on the lives of millions of Americans.
  • Not only have these states and cities removed criminal sanctions for personal amounts of marijuana, studies show a significant savings in taxpayer dollars and law enforcement hours spent on cases. This gives law enforcement the resources and flexibility to investigate serious and violent crimes rather than small marijuana possession cases. It makes good sense to save tax dollars for more important public needs than arresting adults for a personal amounts of marijuana. A lot of counties are seeing that their Medical Marijuana Communities are doing well. These patients no longer have to go out of their county to purchase their Medical Marijuana on the Black Market.

Attention To All State Level Medical Marijuana Caregiver/Growers & Patients:

  • Do Not have any guns near or around your Medical Marijuana growing operation.
  • Be sure to have your Medical Marijuana under lock and key so No children can have access. If a child jumps your locked fence and ends up in town or at school with your medication. You are the responsible party... Never booby trap any thing. Baby monitors are cheap. Your new 2007 book covers everything. We have quick tip sections throughout the complete guide.
  • Be sure to stay at or under the number of plants that your State says you can have. If your county guidelines say you can grow 6 females, keep within the guidelines. If you don't keep within these guidelines it leaves you wide open for a clean prosecution. Know your guidelines! One California county says 99 Plants! Oregon says 6 flowering females & 18 inmature no larger than twelve by twelve inches.!
  • Rick grew the Worlds Largest Medical Marijuana plant in 2006. This plant had a 12 inch stalk. Yes, a stalk the size of a 1 gallon milk jug... This plant measured 16 foot by 16 foot wide and 15 foot tall. This is why Rick demostrates in his guide that you really do not need any more than two plants to have enough medication to last a complete year. Checkout the section: A sensible 2 plant grow...
  • Get your guidelines and post them with your grow! Get all the facts in your complete Medical Marijuana Guide 2007. This is a very reasonable way to protect you and your loved ones. We have never seen the Fed's step in and arrest anyone that keeps within the local plant count guidelines. They have been very respectful to all of our patients. They love to find stupid people with large plant counts. So if you are living in a household that is growing Medical Marijuana (with a card or not) take it upon yourself to go down and count the plants for your own protection. If there is a large plant count get ready to run like hell because, as this book will explain to you, it can be very serious when the whole household gets arrested and has to go through all of the court proceedings.
  • If you ever need help with a Medical Marijuana case, call our 1-800-851-3761 hotline number first! Though few know about it, The Medical Marijuana Defense Committee has plenty of funding that has been generously donated just for this purpose. Their web site is included in your Medical Marijuana Guide 2007.



  • If I have a Qualifying condition can I be a Medical Marijuana patient?
  • How much does the clinic visit cost?
  • What states do I need to renew my registration in?
  • Who should I tell that I am a medical marijuana patient?
  • Is marijuana free after I sign up?
  • After I qualify, where do I get medical marijuana?
  • What protection do patients and caregivers have?
  • Does this go on my medical records?
  • Who knows that I am a medical marijuana patient?
  • How many plants can I grow?
  • What if I can't grow?
  • What is a "caregiver" as listed on the application?
  • Should I allow friendly police to "take a look" at my grow operation or tell them where it is? This is up to each card holding patient. Rick Always incourages each patient to be polite to the authorities and show them that they are at the State guidelines. Every authority that we have talked to have told us that they would rather be spending their time on Meth ...
  • Where can I smoke marijuana?
  • What are the qualifying conditions listed on the Attending Physician's Statement?
  • What do I do after I become a patient?
  • Should I accept Drug diversion for Medical Marijuana? We'll Answer This One Here and Now - "No way!" If you are a State level legal card holding Medical patient, why should you ruin up to 10 years of your life with those programs? 10% of people complete those programs and 90% get violated. Should you go to a program every other day for Medical Marijuana? My god, get your book and get all of the facts now!

Free Bonus #1:

Marijuana As Medicine

This book provides patients--as well as the people who care for them--with a foundation for making decisions about their own health care. This empowering volume examines several key points. Full of useful facts, this volume will be important to anyone interested in informed debate about the medical use of marijuana: advocates and opponents as well as policy makers, regulators, and health care providers.


CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR COPY OF Medical Marijuana Guide 2007 TODAY!

Book Signings

We look forward to seeing you throughout our many book signings in all 12 Legal Medical Marijuana States! The first states we visit will be Oregon & Washington. Oregon clinics will be in Portland, Brookings, Bend, Grants Pass, Medford, Coos Bay and Klamath every two months. Oregon and Washington States be sure to call 1-800-851-3761 first for a pre-qualification interview before you order. As for we are very busy and this will expedite your appointment.


Claim Your Very Own Ebook Pro CD Copy Of Medical Marijuana Guide 2007 and the very next business day we'll send you a Box with Ebook Pro CD, all paper work, 125 PDF Garden, 8 free Ebooks and a SIGNED HARDCOPY of the book!

Rick's new manual is very thorough and has answers to over 1000 questions in it. Including Growing Questions! You will never be left in the dark after owning Rick's new Medical Marijuana Manual. Not convinced? Then here's a little preview:

This bud is mid-way 2nd Flowering cycle. You want to harvest when your stigmas are at the peak potency of the 3rd flowering cycle
  • The Guide features over 70 colored "How to Grow Medical Cannabis Photos." The first chapter features a sensible approach to a two plant Medical Marijuana growing operation for seriously ill patients, that even an amateur could produce on average one and a half pounds of high grade medicine their first year, per plant. The pros will produce over 3 to 6 pounds! So dot your "i's" and cross your "t's"- everything you will ever want to know is in this book.
  • The biggest problem we see is people who want to grow 20 or more plants for medical purposes. Why grow 20 plants when you can grow 2 plants that will yield more buds than 20 plants will. You want your buds 1 1/2 to 2 foot long and solid with no air space, just like these plants. Read this book and don't put your family in jeopardy.

Learn how to induce your plants in order to get the multiple branching systems and learn how to get 3 harvests out of each mother plant, increasing your yield every time!
  • Learn how to read your plants – reading your plants is very simple if you apply my 26 years of eliminations.  Read your leaves by color: yellow, lime, green, dark green to a bluish tinge on the outer edge of your leaf blades. Brown tips, brown spots, yellow tips, leaf curl (you will have the answer to every one of these problems.)
  • Pay attention to how their leaf tips curl up and down. Learn that rolled under leaves means too much fertilizer and that curled upward tips mean that you are peaking them on their nutrients and not over-fertilizing. 
  • Understand how to make your water leaves chase the sun (or lights) all day long. Learn the tricks of how to make your plants arch upward to utilize the lights energy all day long.
  • Learn how the peak of fluorescence can get you that preferred taste and the highest potency. You will learn how to pinpoint this in their 3rd flowering cycle!!! Rick's incredible stories tell all, step by step, down to harvesting & curing.

Learn how to induce your plants to get the monsters. Why should you grow 20 plants when you can get more buds off of 3 plants. You will now know all the tricks!
  • Rick's special foliar feeding enhancement program will double your growth. Have you ever wondered why your plants are growing slow? If the leaves curl under you have a serious problem. You immediately need to know what to do or you will throw them into a toxic lockup by destroying their micro-roots. Just a few hours after this happens you will lose 7 to 30 days of your growing cycle, (or possibly their life). I will take you step by step through these procedures with color pictures and you will be able to detect a problem before it turns into a nightmare!

Hang on to your hat, you will love reading my totally action packed life story! You will not want to put this book down! Plus our Ebook Pro CD is 200% password protected to guard your privacy and ensure no minors can read it!

I hope you are getting excited ? You will not believe all of the things you will be getting when you order Rick's personal advisor package- The Medical Marijuana Guide 2007! You'll Also Learn:

Learn how to use the right mycorrhizal inoculation to get the Monster buds...
  • how to detect poor root aeration
  • how big your plants will get if the roots and micro-roots are grown in a perfect environment "soil or soil-less"
  • how to sex your plants in six weeks 
  • how to get 64 plus tops on each indoor plant Like this indoor Plant (this technique is a must for "keeping down on your plant count," which should keep you from taking a federal vacation)
  • how to detect the most common problems that most growers experience
  • "Indoor & outdoor growing operations" that will rock your world!
  • how to get started "Growing Medical Marijuana" indoors
  • Lighting
  • Hydroponics
  • Hydroponic system construction
  • Electrical & safety
  • Organic propagation
  • Soil & soil-less Germination & seedlings
  • Mycorrhizal inoculation
  • Transplanting
  • Vegetative growth
  • how to Troubleshoot like the pros - the guide's pictures are so detailed that you will be able to detect your problem below the ground or above the ground immediately!(Soil or soil-less)
  • Hormones & Growth regulators
  • when to discard the nutrient solution, and how to flush the growing medium. Tip: Should you need to flush the growing bed, the system should be flushed with fresh nutrients rather than water to avoid Micro-root damage or stressing of plants. Understand how important it is to never stress your plants-every time you stress your plants you will lose 3 to 7 days of your growing cycle!
  • Nutrient formulations
  • the most important things you should never do to your plants!
  • Disease & pest control
  • Leaf curl? No problem :)
  • Breeding
  • Sexing
  • Cloning
  • Propagation techniques
  • Blooming: 1st, 2nd & 3rd flowering cycles -Getting the Baseball Bat size Buds
  • how to induce your flowering cycles (This took ten years to master)
  • how to harvest your plants at the peak of potency on the third flowering cycle
  • how to "deodorize stinky grows"
  • the tricks on how to avoid losing your indoor growing operation
  • the 3 biggest mistakes most indoor growers make today
  • about the Forward Looking Infrared Device. Hint: Don't be sitting on an Illegal Grow!!!


Check Out this Jan. 2005 Bud of the month!!!

Signs of Fall: Leaves on the Ground and 2 1/2 pounds of Buds in the Bucket.

This is an indoor plant that we brought outside for this picture. You need to learn how to grow your plants this big indoors. Learn how to re-veg your mother plants and get 3 harvests out of each mother. It is a must when you live in a 7 plant state!!!


Know Your Federal Law

You need to know everything you can that could shield you from federal intervention. All of Rick's knowledge and experience with the federal laws is included in your Medical Marijuana Guide 2007! Ready for another preview? Read the following:

State and Federal officials can be sued for violating civil rights -- even if they do it under "color of law"

All persons have the right to due process under these sections of federal law:
42 USC 1983 -- Deprivation of Civil rights under color of law
42 USC 1985 (3) -- Conspiracy to interfere with civil rights
42 USC 1986 -- Neglect to prevent conspiracy to interfere with civil rights
42 USC Sec. 1983 01/26/98 -- EXPCITE

HEAD -- Sec. 1983. Civil action for deprivation of rights
-- Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress, except that in any action brought against a judicial officer for an act or omission taken in such officer's judicial capacity, injunctive relief shall not be granted unless a declaratory decree was violated or declaratory relief was unavailable. For the purposes of this section, any Act of Congress applicable exclusively to the District of Columbia shall be considered to be a statute of the District of Columbia.

Know All of the State and Federal Laws. . .

Before you ever start a seed! Make sure to have all of your paper work in order and posted. And - most of all - obtain your county guidelines from the Sheriff of your county in writing and post it with your medical grow.

If you are in fear of approaching your county sheriff to obtain this information. We provide this service free! This is public record information! Every Sheriff that we have requested this information from has been more than helpful. It is their sworn duty to protect their community.

At the rate states are reforming their Medical Marijuana laws, the federal government may very soon find itself alone in supporting punitive and antiquated Marijuana policies. But let's try to get one thing straight: the Federal Government is not out there trying to arrest sick people that have a Medical need, they're looking for fools who have too many plants and who don't have their paperwork in order!

Rick will make sure your paperwork in order... Medical Marijuana Guide 2007, we want you to understand one thing: Rick is not a legal professional. He is NOT an attorney - but legally he can be anybody's personal advisor. He only wants you to be safe and work within the State guidelines in which you reside!

Rick Is Always Looking Out For The SERIOUSLY ILL

When you place your order you will get a hotline 800 # with our new incredible multimedia disc. If your Medical Necessity Rights have been violated, we now have access to over 18,000 newspaper,TV stations & radio station networks. Most of them will immediately support your Medical Marijuana Rights! Call us right away if you encounter this situation. (1-800-851-3761)

Here Is Our Letter To The Trinity County Sheriff!

To Whom it Concerns : 2nd request
Trinity County Sheriff;
Mr. Craig:
My name is Rick Maughs and I'm writing to you in respect to Medical Marijuana Guidelines in your County. We are obtaining this information so that medical patients can post your letter with their Medical Marijuana growing operation! I have just recently had my book published about Medical Marijuana. I have been having great results in regards to on hand awareness of the specific County Medical Marijuana Guidelines. Would you please acknowledge my request with great respect to have your County send your guidelines to my office. Please don't be concerned if your guidelines are a bit out-dated. This has been common place with most agencies. The finest Sheriff that I have contacted to date had 1997 guidelines. If you are open to how other County Sheriffs are handling a Medical grow, please enclose this in your letter with your Medical Marijuana Guidelines and we will reply back to your office right away. We are all working together ethically, respectfully and equally in each community to keep the patients of Medical Marijuana within their legal guidelines without undue attention to their individual situation. Please send your Medical Marijuana Guidelines to my office. Thank-you and I appreciate your time!
Author Maughs
97897 Harborview Cir.
Brookings, Or 97415

And Here Is Sheriff Craig's Reply:

RE: Sheriff Craig
Date: 6/04/2004 12:23:33 PM Pacific Standard Time

Mr. Maughs,
Trinity County's Medical Marijuana guidelines are pretty simple at the moment. We allow 2 plants grown outdoors or 6 plants grown indoors. The individual can have no more than 1 and 1/3 pounds of processed buds in possession. The individual must have some documentation from a doctor indicating the doctor's knowledge of their use of marijuana. The District Attorney doesn't give any leeway when it comes to transportation issues (marijuana in vehicles). Unofficially, we are interviewing those who claim medicinal needs to explain their situation and qualify the amount of marijuana needed. Then an evaluation is made of what they have with what they claim they need. If there is an excess, then that amount is confiscated and a report sent to the DA for possible prosecution.
I believe we as Sheriff's need to get together with District Attorneys and come to some common ground in this matter. The underlying problem is the concern of Federal Law in this matter and the position it puts us in with regards to our oath of office. I am open to the sharing of information.
Lorrac Craig,
Sheriff Trinity County

Well, You've Gotten This Far, So I Guess Now Would Be A Good Time To Let You See What Others are Saying about The Medical Marijuana Guide!

I didn't think I could qualify for a recommendation. But, I've had chronic problems and pain in my back from a construction accident I had several years ago, and in my case, "I didn't have any problem getting a recommendation from the doctor that you referred".

P.S. I LOVE your book! I have read it 2 times. Rick I want to let you know that I have also been growing for 30 years and your book is the greatest book ever written. I always keep an open mind to learn more things! You will make a million dollars with this guide!


Thank you so very much Rick again for taking the time with me... I am once again so impressed! Your order page clearly says do not order without calling you to see if you have a qualifying condition for your State! I did just that and it only took you 10 minutes to qualify me. I made my order and you called me up in less then 15 minutes with my doctor contact. I am now a card holder in the State of Colorado!!!

Again, thank you God bless you!

John- Colorado

P.S. The section in your book about nitrogen robbing commercial soils... Every bag of soil I see at the markets I poke a hole in them to test them. I like to know which ones are junk and which ones are not. Your book will be a run-a-way seller.


Rick & Kathy, I want to thank you so much for your help. Enclosed is a check of $100.00 this is my way of letting you know how much I appreciate your new book. Thank you so much for always taking my calls. I just got my medicine back and all charges was dropped. Get this my attorney wanted to read your book so I let him have it for a week! When I picked it up at his office it had an envelope attached. In the envelope was a short letter with a check in it for $1000.00. It was my complete retainer refund. He said he will be ordering your book.

P.S. I would not be selling your manual & CD for less than $249.00

peace & passion

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Rick is the only licensed Medical Marijuana Consultant in the state. If you need his help call 1-800-851-3762...Emergency number open 24 hours a day 1-800-851-3761. .

This website is dedicated to patients, caregivers, physicians, health care professionals, families, decision makers, and the general community.

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Do You Know All The Laws In Each State? Now You Can!

ISBN: 1-4033-1137-4
ISBN: 978-1-4033-1137-5

This years 2007 Fifth Edition hard copy is signed by the author! It has 70 how-to colored photos and is published in 1200-dpi - the finest photo resolution possible. 2007 Front cover features the iron clad Tenth Anniversary Stamp 1997-2007. Ten hard years for the advocates and once again will be a run away seller...

The most incredible Medical Marijuana guide ever written! This hardcopy manual is selling like wildfire! Comes with LIFETIME Monthly Updates Ebook Pro disc that features 125 PDF garden with 8 additional Ebooks and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!!! In the last five years Rick has located 140 Doctors that will sign recommendations if you have a qualifying condition that is documented.


Contact Our Clinic Referral Service:

Our dedicated staff are referring doctors appointments in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Nevada and California. If you believe you have a qualifying condition, please call 1-800-851-3761 for a pre-qualification interview to see if you are eligible for your state's Medical Marijuana program.

  • All information is kept confidential, and your clinic visit falls under doctor patient confidentiality.
  • Clinics are every week in Washington and all other States, however appointments are limited at each clinic.
  • Call Rick for Oregon clinic scheduling We now have over 40 doctors in Oregon
  • If you live in the State of Oregon and you need a Medical Marijuana Card contact Rick for an appointment. You will qualify for the Oregon Medical Marijuana program if you suffer from one of the following debilitating conditions: Severe pain, MS, severe nausea, seizures, (including but not limited to seizures caused by epilepsy), persistent muscle spasms, and many more conditions that are not listed here.
  • Oregon Health Plan and Medical Marijuana? We have new Doctors that accept O.H.P. and insurance cards for your appointment visit!!!
  • We now have all counties in California covered! We have doctors lined up from Los Angeles to Redding.
Call Rick at 1-800-851-3761 to get pre-qualified and get your guide before you ever attempt to get a State Medical Marijuana license! All calls are welcome and we answer our phones live. . . . IF we're not on the line with someone else! :)


We need your help in Montana. Do you know of a doctor that is signing recommendations in Montana? We have a qualified patient with cancer that needs your help... Please help this man if you can!!!.

We Invite Any New Compassionate Doctor To Come On Board.

We presently have 140 Doctors that do Medical Cannabis recommendations and that list is growing fast! We cater to the medical community and we are the world's best Medical Marijuana Referral & Resource Team.

Contact Us Today For More Information


Thank You For Your Help And Support

We would like to take a moment to send a special thanks to those working in every State to make this an incredible Program! We Couldn't Do It Without You!

Attention Want a job making very good money. We are hiring people in these States Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada and California.

This plant was inoculated with Rick's special mix of Mycorrhizal. Notice all of the growing shoots, "this has never been revealed in any growing guide." The finish product of this plant ended up with a 4 in. stalk, over 200 growing colo's "buds" each bud averaged 16 grams. Figure out how much medicine that is. Top to the moon cycle 2,4,8,16,32, 64,128. Over all size was 9 1/2 ft high, 8 ft wide. Now might be the time to ask yourself do I need more than two medical plants... Get your book and get the scoop.

A Special Note From The Author

If you're going to be an outlaw farmer and grow over the mandatory plant count, don't try to declare Medical Marijuana as your legal affirmative defense. Please do NOT disrespect the seriously ill Medical Marijuana patients with my book material.

Enjoy life and be sure to take care of all the needy children you run into. If you see a kid that needs a pair of shoes buy that kid some shoes. Good karma spells success!!!

Thank You very much and God bless you!

- - Rick S. Maughs


Mycorrhizal Gets Results!
You need to have the right Mycorrhizal Application... This is a Must!!! Rick has mastered it with Rick's Monster Plant Grow
Mycorrhizal works deep at the roots.
As you know there are many different kinds of mycorrhizae. Over 2,100 species identified in North America; more than 5,000 + worldwide. 1,000's of different companies that sell it... Rick,s Myco Grow can never be matched. Rick has grown the biggest plants in the world. If you would like to know more about Rick's Monster Plant Mix. Go to Google search engine and type in Rick Maughs... Rick has done things with mycorrhizal that nobody else has ever done.

Rick would like to give a special thanks to those who helped free Ed Rosenthal. His experience goes to show what can happen if you get out of the state guidelines. This cost Ed and everybody that helped him hundreds of thousands of dollars and 5 years federal probation. Most of all Rick wants to personally thank every body that donated to this organization and Ed's FREEDOM. We had over a million supporters. We are finally gaining strength by sticking together.

Highly recommended for every Medical Grow site!

Worlds Largest Medical Marijuana Plant.This plant finished at 16 foot by 16 foot wide and 15 foot high. It was grown with Rick's Monster Plant Mix
Order Mycorrhizal

Want stalks as big as a milk jug?

Look What the right mix of Mycorrhizal Can Do For You! The mix that Rick has developed is totally incredible and it is organic. Our product is not a fertilizer, but instead helps plants use fertilizer better. When using our product do not change your fertilizer program.If you really want to know... go to goggle and type in Medical Marijuana and Mycorrhizal and you will see how we got over 6 inch stalks the season of 2004!!! 2006 12 inch stalks and many of our patients are right behind us with 8 and 9 inch stalks

Order your book package and get the scoop today... You do need this book package to learn how to get your plant count down.

Rick has expermented with over three hundred types of mycorrihizae from name brand companies. No bodies can even come close to ours... We pull 35 to 100 calls aday for our product.

This bud is Medical and tagged properly...


God Bless You & Good Karma Spells Success.

A note on privacy. We understand that shopping online demands trust on your part. We take that trust very seriously and have adopted a strict policy on protecting the privacy of your personal information. In short, we never rent or sell your personal information to anyone under any circumstances. You can rest assured that all your personal information remains private and secure at all times.

Yes, you should know all the laws of every state. However, information on this website should not be construed in any way as legal or medical advice.

Warning: We Will State This AGAIN!

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Included in your box is your 2007 signed Hardcopy and lifetime updated Ebook Pro CD password protected with 125 PDF garden and 8 additional ebooks... This is a money back guaranteed package.

You can send a Personal check or money order to the address below. We are no longer excepting credit card payments... To many people was ordering without first being qualified. Please call Rick for a pre qualifying interview.

We promise our customers next day shipping. We have as any as 17 orders per day and we pull 35 to 100 calls per day. We welcome all calls. Pick your way to order: By sending personal check or money order. We take care of the rest. Alot of our customers are very sick and sending a personal check is fine with us. We have been doing this for 5 years and we have never got one bad check. Your box will be loaded with everything including paper work. As soon as you get your box if you have any questions just call Rick: 1-800-851-3761. Shipping is our top priority and our girls make sure you get a beautiful package from: Author Maughs Books...

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Go to search engine and type in Rick mycorrhizal, Rick's Monster Plant Mix, Rick Maughs mycorrhizal fungi, Marijuana mycorrhizal, Rick Marijuana mycorrhizal fungi, Rick mycorrhizal fungi inoculants, Rick Maughs mycorrhizal relationships, Biology of mycorrhizal fungi. Mycorrhizae and their role in disease prevention: Mycorrhizae are beneficial fungi that attach themselves to plant roots increasing your roots and micro roots up to 80%. Mycorrhizal inoculation can significantly improve plant performance. Mycorrhizal applications will increase plant yield from 3 to 10 times if you understand the right mix. After 30 years Rick has figured it out.

You can grow four inch corn stalks. As you know there are many different kinds of mycorrhizae. Over 2,100 species identified in North America; more than 5,000 + worldwide. 1,000's of different companies that sell it... and we have targeted it like no other companies can. If we can grow a 42 pound head of cabbage... Our Big Flower Myco Grow can never be matched.
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